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About Us
A business is not built by bricks and mortars. Nor is it built by numbers. It is not built by occupancies, or expenses, or income, for that matter. It
encompasses all of these things, but the fact is, a business is built by people.

Ultimate Storage Company began in 2005 as the brainchild of Shelley Bhatia and her father, Rajan Shamdasani.  Their dream was to build a thriving business by providing the community with an exceptional product.  Quickly, they gained the attention of veteran self-storage expert Deborah Williams, who came on board as Director of Growth and Operations.  The group was onto something so exciting in the great state of North Carolina, that Shelley's California based brother Shaan Dasani couldn't resist jumping on board.  In 2007, Dasani signed on to lead Creative Marketing efforts for the company.  

"Our most important asset is our 'Ultimate' family," says Bhatia. "We have a shared vision of bringing our community the best in self-storage. It is with each other's support and teamwork that we are able to do that."

"I am thrilled to have joined our family business in 2014," adds Shelley's husband Manoj Bhatia.  His extensive background in project management and technology are a valuable compliment to the group's dynamic.

Below you will find some key factors for each Ultimate Storage Company facility and the principles we believe help set us apart from the average storage facility. Have a look and find out why we believe we are the ULTIMATE Storage Company.
Our Facilities
Corporate Office:
1320 S.E. Maynard Rd.
Suite 201
Cary, NC 27511
Our Values
Mailing Address
1320 S.E. Maynard, Ste 201
Cary, NC 27511

Contact Us
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Provide a stress-free customer experience.

Moving isn't easy, but storing with Ultimate Storage Company is. Our team is on-site six days a week for customer convenience, and we always greet our customers with a warm and friendly smile.
Create an atmosphere that is clean and efficient.

Hallways are kept neat, clean and clear at all times. For energy efficiency, we've installed light timers at all properties that keep the lights on for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time. If you need more light, just turn the dial.
Anticipate all that the customer will need and provide that.

We have a wide array of boxes and packing materials available in our front office, so if customers forget something, they don't have to deal with the hassle of leaving to go buy it elsewhere.
Give the customers more than they expect.

Our customers are surprised to find we offer a free rental of our moving truck upon move in. We don't have to do it, but we know that when we take care of our customer, they appreciate it and it keeps them coming back.
Shelley Bhatia
Manoj Bhatia
Shaan Dasani
Deborah Williams
Rajan Shamdasani